Mental Detox Part I - The invisible mental prison


How often have you regretted acting upon your thoughts or impulses? Have you wondered where they come from? What is their nature and function? Soon we will find out. 

Task No 1

Make a list of key five social roles/masks you are playing in your life.


  1. Dad
  2. Colleague
  3. Teacher
  4. Member of a club
  5. Top Executive

Task No 2

Make a list of 5 emotional states and related behaviors that are dominant in your life.


  1. I love to dream.
  2. I very often pity myself.
  3. Most of the time I feel angry.
  4. I love to feel being in control and give orders.
  5. I don’t believe in myself, so I often feel helpless.

General comment:

Each of these social roles and emotional states are a part of the so called sub-personalities. Modern psychology has coined this term in the 90s of the previous century. However, the ancient Greeks already knew about this phenomenon 2500 years ago. You can also find this idea in the Bible (John 14:30), in the Greek mythology (Medusa head), fairy tales (broken mirror), culture (Russian babushka), etc.

These sub-personalities are contradictory within themselves. They are the source of our inherent irrationality, inner conflicts, and many forms of suffering. There can be thousands of such sub-minds in every man. They are dual by nature

Modern psychology tries to control these programs by way of healing, dialog, managing or changing them. Meditative techniques are aimed at quieting them. Such practices are a sign of utmost spiritual ignorance. Why? Sub-personalities are the invisible prison of our soul. They are pictured in Greek mythology as a labyrinth. In our school, we work hard to escape from this prison.

Emptiness - Life in a mental prison

In this section, we will expand the idea of sub-personalities. 

Task No 1 

Make a list of commitments that are contrary to your inner self/conscience, yet you perform them anyways. Do you perform such harmful actions because of your need to maintain self-image, self-worth, a relationship, social or financial status, or prestige?

Comment: By unwanted commitments, we do not mean things that are essential to our survival, but things that we can live without, yet we still feel compelled to do.

Task No 2

Make a list of commitments that are contrary to your inner you / conscience, yet you perform them anyway. Do you perform such harmful actions because of your need to maintain self-image, self-worth, a relationship, social or financial status, or prestige?

General comment: 

By performing unwanted commitments and entering into unwanted compromises we are depriving our soul of vital life force. Once the soul (spiritual battery) is empty we feel empty, bored, and lifeless. We lose our energy and become dependent on other people’s energy. What is your method to energize yourself? Is it by seeking acceptance and/or conflict? 

Your first long term task

You have acquired an important knowledge about your mind. Now you can start practicing the art of self-observation. You know exactly what to watch for. Self-observation is very important part in the process of dissolving sub-personalities - the energy suckers of our soul. 

Unfulfillment - Life in a mental prison

I have achieved so much, why do I still feel unfulfilled? Why is my career working, but life is not? 

If you have achieved a material success then on the material level you are fulfilled. You have prestige, respect, resources, knowledge, and certain freedom. If so, then what is the source of the feeling of unfulfillment? 

Let me explain. We all have gone through a so-called socialization process. It started at a family level, then at school, work for some career and ended up by forming a social circle, where we feel safe, accepted “at home”. 

  • Family - You have to be as we want you to be,
  • School - You have to be as we want you to be. You have to know what we know. 
  • Work - You have to be as we want you to be. You have to know what we know. You have to do what is expected.
  • Career - You have to be as we want you to be. You have to know what we know. You have to do what is expected. You have to look and behave like us.
  • Social environment - You are as we want you to be. You know what we know. You do what is expected. You look and behave like us. You are one of us.

But there is a problem. 

The nature of every true soul is individuality, purity, openness, truth, beauty, joy, spontaneity. Just look at very young children, they live from this level. This is why we love them, because they are living reminders of what we have lost, but also what we should strive to regain. The Bible says we have to come to be like children again! 

Adults live in the exact opposite to the needs of their soul. The result? Again, the soul becomes an empty shell. A basic law of development: You cannot satisfy and fulfill your soul on the path of material career - impossible. This is why career is just the first step, a necessary one! 

Life real choice

Do you still remember your ideals, dreams, and desires from your childhood? Yes? No? You must, they are your spiritual roots. In the socialization process, we were cut off from them. If you are a successful professional but feel unfulfilled now you have to deal with the consequences - your dilemma of success. 

Most people live in a state of being separated from their spiritual roots and they this is normal, so they suffer and they think suffering is normal too. They are insane. They don’t see it because of the so-called simulacrum of insanity (another topic).

Only when you arrive at a dead end in life, a dilemma of success is such a cul de sac, you can take your first real life choice. You can choose between your career, social illusions, and your soul. This is the real choice! Are you ready for it? But how do you reconnect with a dormant or almost dead soul?

You’ll need a spiritual revolution, a spiritual breakthrough into the Narrow Path. Our school is actually situated on the Narrow Path. Maybe we can help.

Why is it so important to liberate the soul?

Life peak point

Jane Fonda woke up spiritually after the age of 60. If you manage to liberate your soul you’ll begin a new life (after many trials on the Narrow Path). The ancients knew this. This is why their AKME (life peak point) was not 40, as it is today, but 70 years old. The old age is a life chapter of wisdom. Retirement is for spiritual losers. 


If, after reading this page, you would like to go back to your spiritual roots right away, wait! Imagine that you want to cross the Atlantic with a yacht, but you do not have a compass, nor a map or a crew. You don’t have sailing experience either. What chance do you have for success? The real process of spiritual development is a very serious and complicated undertaking. The popular pursuit of dreams is a naive marketing gimmick! The soul cannot be freed by the mind - the greatest enemy of the soul. 

You have one life to transform your soul into an eternal being. We are talking higher science, not a mere belief. Don’t waste this lifetime opportunity. The Heaven of the soul is more real than the social illusions of our material sub-personalities, which can be dissolved.

Final words

You have acquired basic knowledge about your soul’s invisible prison. But there is more than the soul. We imprison ourselves in our relationships due to the unconscious operation of these mental programs. See Eric Berne: Games people play.

Look into the Dilemma of cooperation on our site. This is an outline of sub-personalities working in the context of cooperation and relationships. People destroy businesses, destroy relationships, and ruin their lives, all due to being unconscious of these programs which are foreign to their soul. There are many other examples of how these programs ruin our real potential.

The next part of our Detox is all about recognizing the Prison Guard. The third part is dedicated to understanding the most misunderstood subject on the planet: the nature of our soul and the path of its development. Once you go through these three modules you will be ready to stand up to the real challenge.

Most of our thoughts are not ours!

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