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Our school is non-religious, non-spiritual and non-psychological. What we do is practical, simple, and effective, because it is rooted in reality and the future. It is March 2018, and we are just starting.

The school is built upon a successful experience of inner transformation undergone by the school founder.

I started my process back in 2002; I was a lawyer and an executive in a multinational corporation. My physical health was good, so were my finances and social status. However, my life was overwhelmed by inner suffering, fears, stress, and uncertainty about my future. I felt helpless, as there was no cure for my problems. I tried hundreds of man-made solutions. All of them failed. But I did not give up. Finally, I have made it to the other side.

You can read about my results of the Narrow Path experience on the Background section of the home page. If you want to heal yourself and your life you must resolve your professional dilemma. We have started with the Dilemma of success, but there's more. In the near future we will publish two more:

  • The dilemma of a professional powerlessness - here we will deal with people who are skilled and intelligent, but don't believe in themselves.
  • Divine dilemma - this one is related to creative people who do what they supposed to do in life, but they just can't make it. True art is not a one man show. It requires a divine cooperation.

We will also work with people who are ready to transcend the material paradigm in cooperation. For more see below (Carnal mind and cooperation).

We all come into this world with one great gift, but our material society, which is obsessed with the illusion of the power of the mind, doesn’t even notice it. They worship death and not life. Conquering death is not about special meditations, academic or psychological knowledge, or any other man-made technique. In fact, it is simple but very painful.

If you embark on your real journey, not your mind's version, after countless trials and errors, at the end of the first stage of this process, you will know who you really are and what will you be doing for the rest of your life. And you will be amazed. This life is a training facility for something so amazing it can virtually blow our little minds.

Robert Wyszynski

Former business lawyer and a corporate slave.

FTC Harvest School

March 2018, Warsaw, Poland



We know our stuff

Our earlier research was made under an old banner of Psychologyofillusion.com. This site is already closed. Our material identity is just one of many steps towards the real thing.

If you want to reach your Narrow Path, know this: There are really no rules. You will be confused. Anything is possible. Psychology, religion, spirituality, science and all other man-made solutions will not help you. What really counts is your honesty and desire to be free. It must be stronger than your fears. You won't be bored. You will suffer, but your suffering will make sense. It will lead you out of senseless suffering.

We are located in Warsaw, Poland, Europe

Contact: team@ftc.pl

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