The problem!

At some stage of our career, usually around our forties or latter, many of us will hit an invisible wall of:

  • Boredom and emptiness or
  • Powerlessness and bitterness or
  • Crisis and destructiveness

This is the time when we start asking the BIG QUESTION: Is career all that life can offer to me?  A question like this is followed by a statement and another question: There must be something more! What is it?

Are you facing such a situation right now?


Illusory solution

If your answer is YES, then you are thinking about change or healing. You can change and heal almost everything, but the invisible wall will be intact. Something more real and powerful is needed to break the invisible chain of self-created illusions.

Career is just the first step!

What do we do?

After completing our basic program you will learn:

  • Your spiritual task

It contains a God-given purpose for man's life. It may be simple or complex. It is always very practical and therefore, will make your and others lives better. This is the No 1 tool in the process of outgrowing material career. Your task will help you pierce through your invisible wall and move beyond the psychological illusion of change and healing.

  • The enemy

The purpose of having an enemy is self-evident. No enemy, no struggle, no growth. The Narrow Path enemy is invisible, yet very tangible. Here are a couple of examples of our students' demons. Every man, with no exception, has a demon.

Now you know why everyone is wearing a mask! What or who is hiding behind yours?  

  • FTC Harvest knowledge

During our process you will learn how to follow through with your task and how to combat your inner enemy - the guardian of the entrance to the Narrow Path - the only way out of the invisible prison called normal life.  

We know our stuff

To see our potential, please watch our video from 2013. It was made under an old banner of This site is already closed. Our School represents is a practical continuation of this work.

Your current identity is just one of many steps towards the real thing.

If you want to reach your Narrow Path, know this:

There are really no rules. You will be confused. Anything is possible. Psychology, religion, spirituality, sciance and all other man-made solutions will not help you. What really counts is your honesty and desire to be free. It must be stronger than your fears. You won't be bored. You will suffer, but your suffering will make sense. It will lead you out of senseless suffering.

About FTC Harvest School

Our school is non-religious, non-spiritual and non-psychological. What we do is practical, simple and effective, because it is rooted in reality.

I started my process back in 2002; I was a lawyer and an executive in a multinational corporation. My physical health was good, so were my finances and social status. However, my life was overwhelmed by inner suffering, fears, stress, and uncertainty about my future. I felt helpless, as there was no cure for my problems. I tried hundreds of man-made solutions. All of them failed. But I did not give up. Finally, I have made it to the other side.

If you want to heal yourself and your life only the system of development of God-given gifts will do the job. You probably don't know your gifts as they are hidden from our mind! God-given gifts may only be multiplied on the Narrow Path. This path is also hidden from us. Tough life.

Working with God-given gifts does not require any special meditations, academic knowledge or technique. It's much simpler. But there is a price - you'll have to give up, one by one, your material illusions. That's the price nobody wants to pay.

If you embark on your journey, after countless trials and errors, at the end of the first stage of this process, you will know: who you are and what is your life mission. And you will be amazed.

Robert Wyszyński

Former business lawyer and a corporate slave

FTC Harvest School

March 2018, Warsaw, Poland



Are you the one?

  • Do you feel an inner urge to do something with your life?
  • Deep inside, you know life is much more than the material world!
  • Do you feel you have something important to accomplish, but not sure what?
  • Your physical health may be good, but you suffer inside without apparent reason?
  • Are you attracted to hero type characters?
  • You don't fit into this world because you know something is wrong with it?
  • Is freedom your No 1 obsession?
  • Tired of your pain?
  • Are you a rebellious or lost idealist?
  • Are you the one?

Yes?! Maybe we can help you: P.S. Don't listen to your demon. It is he who will try in every possible way to disregard our message.

We are located in Warsaw, Poland, Europe

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